Hip Hop Beats

Hip Hop Club Beats

A genre which has taken the global audience in its midst, Hip Hop music a cross cultural trend. The varying bass and fluctuation in the volume levels of a Hip Hop beat trigger the activeness within you.

Combining the hip hop club beat with thought-provoking lyrics enhances the impact. You look at history. Most of the songs that adopt hip-hop beats have been influential.

But guess what? You won’t get the same feeling with every new hip hop beat you hear.

That’s why at True Live Production, we don’t just create your average hip hop club beats. We pay attention to details and give you a close to real experience which you can enjoy. Use our custom hip hop beats in your next song release or the video you’ll publish, and give maximum value to your viewers.

You can even use our hip-hop club beats while playing your musical instrument. See the enhanced quality of your voice with our custom hip hop beats for sale. It can take your project from being good to reach the premium level.

Our custom hip hop beats can help you stand out among the other artist and allow you listener to go WOW.


If you’re a true music fan, naturally, you’d want to explore different styles of music beats. Something that’s equally as entertaining and pleasant as our tropical instrumental music. True Live Production various types of beats from R&B music, soul beats, and drill beats. We are your all-in-one solution for engaging music beats.


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